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Similarly to the Coca-Cola brand, GoDaddy has become the web hosting brand that everyone has heard of. This is no surprise, as GoDaddy‘s aggressive marketing strategy has focused on creating a level of familiarity with the general population. In the past 10 years, GoDaddy has spent $1 billion on advertising alone, that’s more than the net value of most major players in the web hosting industry. Even from personal experience, most business owners I talk to use – or at least have heard of – GoDaddy for web hosting and domain registration.

So, we have laid out the fact that a large portion of small businesses choose them, but is this title entirely justified? Continue reading to learn more about potential alternatives for GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Domain Name Alternatives

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars currently around, and they really do perform quite well in this department. They frequently run sales for domain names, and while Sunshine Tech and Media still sells domain names for cheaper, their prices are admittedly quite fair.

Domain names renew on a yearly basis, meaning that you get charged based on one year increments.

GoDaddy currently registers .com domain names for $17.99/year (without a discount).

Some notable EIG (Endurance International Group) branded competitors for domain names are NameCheap and Ionos. NameCheap currently registers .com domain names for $8.88/year (on the first year), while Ionos famously registers .com domain names for $1/year – again, for the first year.

Even we, Sunshine Tech and Media, are a notable company to look into for domain names, as we sell .com domain names for just $4.99/year.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Alternatives

Second to domain names, GoDaddy is known for their web hosting. Currently, they offer shared web hosting which starts at $8.99/month. It is worth noting that GoDaddy, for this price, still utilizes Apache servers, mechanical HDD drives, and non-cloud dedicated servers.

Typically, web hosting plans are charged by a monthly fee, with discounts for those who register for annual plans.

Now, we may sound biased, but web hosting is a department where we, Sunshine Tech and Media, are overall superior in. We start our LiteSpeed-based, SSD, cloud hosting at just $2.99/month, and we include a free .com domain and a free SSL certificate with all hosting packages.

However, if you don’t trust us, NameHero and SiteGround hosting are notable alternatives to GoDaddy as well.

Best Overall Alternative to GoDaddy

Obviously we have a bias towards Sunshine Tech and Media, and we will always recommend ourselves to you. However, if you do not feel comfortable taking our word for that, check out some of our features or look at some notable alternatives, such as NameHero or SiteGround.

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