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Many of our customers may prefer to keep their email hosting segregated from their web hosting, and G Suite is a great option for email hosting, as their reviews and reputability show.

They used to be free, but now their pricing starts at $5 per month, per user.

 Even still, this pricing structure is more than fair given that they are a great platform, and in this guide I will show you how to configure G Suite with your Sunshine Tech and Media account.

Step 1: Setup Your Account With Google

This step is rather simple, and involves visiting Google’s G Suite page, and signing up with a package.

If you are unsure whether or not G Suite will suit your business, they offer a 14-day free trial.

Step 2: Modify Your Email Routing

Before we set up MX records in our DNS settings, it is important to tell cPanel that it will no longer be used for email. This helps the system prioritize where email should go.

Login to cPanel for the domain you want to modify, and click on Email Routing.

From here, you want to change it from Automatically Detect Configuration : Local (recommended) to Remote Mail Exchanger.

Once it is selected, click Change, and you are now ready to modify the MX (mailer exchange) records.

Step 3: Modify Your Mail Exchanger (MX) Records

This step is going to remove your local MX records and replace them with Google’s.

Once this is completed, we will no longer handle your email, which also means we will not supply support for email-related issues, but will rather have to be handled by Google.

To change these records, go back to cPanel -> Zone Editor.

After you are here, click the +MX Record to add all of G Suite’s MX record values.

Once finished, you need to remove the default MX record.

You can do this by clicking on Manage, then MX Filter, then click Delete beside the default MX record (Priority: 0).

Once these steps have been completed, G Suite should be set up automatically.

Step 4: Check Your DNS Records

Using a DNS report tool, check to make sure that your MX records match G Suite’s. Make sure to allow up to 24 hours after changing said records in order to allow time to propagate.

That’s it, you are now ready to use G Suite! If you want a web hosting service to go along with your email hosting, feel free to check out our shared hosting package options.

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