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The first plugin you should install on your website is LiteSpeed Cache.

I use it for almost all of my websites and so far, I have noticed a great speed improvement. They continue to consistently improve their product as well.

To unlock all of its features, LiteSpeed Cache requires its web server counterpart to be installed on the website’s server, which can get costly. Luckily, we provide it for free with all of our web hosting packages.

LiteSpeed Cache has a significant edge over all other WordPress cache plugins, as can be seen in the chart below:

LiteSpeed Cache Features

LiteSpeed Cache Feature Chart

How To Install LiteSpeed Cache For WordPress

See below for a list of steps to install the plugin.

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Navigate to your administration panel ( and sign in with your admin credentials
  3. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  4. Search for “LiteSpeed Cache”
  5. Click “Install Now”
  6. Click Activate
  7. Navigate to “Settings” and enable your caching options
  8. Navigate to “Manage” and purge the cache

Congratulations, LiteSpeed Cache is now active on your website!

To better notice the difference in speed, it may help to use a WebPage Speed Test.

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