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Top 5 Best Web Hosts. There are a lot of web hosts to choose from out there, and making the decision on which one to pick is difficult to say the least.

I have used a variety of web hosts in the past, and with my experience working in the web hosting and web design industries, I figured that I could shed some light on the best web hosts out there.

No. 1) Sunshine Tech and Media – Best Overall


Shared Hosting – Starts at $2.99/Month
Cloud Compute (VPS Hosting) – Starts at $9.99/Month
Cloud Dedicated – Starts at $100/Month

I have Sunshine Tech and Media as the best on this list. ST&M is a relatively young web host, but we pack quite a punch in terms of features and hardware capabilities.

In regards to our shared hosting, we offer NVMe SSD storage, CloudLinux, 3GHz+ CPUs, and LiteSpeed. Altogether, this means that clients have dedicated resources, and page loading times can amount to over 20 times faster than Apache and HDD-based competitors. In addition, we are currently offering a 20% discount for new customers on all shared hosting packages.

In addition, we have this table on their website comparing themselves to competitors:

Our cloud compute solution is quite good too, it boasts 16 data center locations, NVMe SSD storage, and a 100% uptime SLA.

No. 2) NameHero – Best Customer Service


Shared Hosting – Starting at $10.95/Month
Reseller Hosting – Starting at $34.95/Month
VPS Hosting – Starting at $54.95/Month
Cloud Dedicated – Starting at $209.96/Month

NameHero is a great web host that has been gaining traction for their reseller hosting. I have used it in the past, and the speeds are incredible. If you have been used to EIG brands (HostGator, BlueHost, etc) or GoDaddy, you won’t look back once switching to NameHero.

Their customer service is excellent, they respond in under 10 minutes and have always been resourceful and helpful in my experience.

Their shared hosting is the only reason that they are not ranked higher on this list. Despite having the same software features as Sunshine Tech and Media (i.e. LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, etc.), NameHero charges 3 times as much.

No. 3) SiteGround – Best High Speed Hosting


Shared Hosting – Starting at $6.99/Month
Cloud Hosting – Starting at $80/Month

SiteGround has a great reputation as an alternative to GoDaddy and EIG brands. They boast most of the same features as the others on this list, including SSD storage, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, among other features.

No. 4) A2 Hosting – Best Pricing


Shared Hosting – Starting at $2.99/Month
VPS Hosting – Starting at $25/Month

A2 Hosting is another reputable web host. They have LiteSpeed, NVMe SSD storage, among other features with their expensive plans, but their starter plans have very low resource limits, and primitive software compared to their expensive plans and the other hosts on this list.

No. 5) CrocWeb – Best Canadian Host


Shared Hosting – Starting at $5.95/Month
Enterprise Hosting – Starting at $29.95/Month

CrocWeb is the only Canadian web host on this list. They offer affordable prices coupled with good performance and stability.

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