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Best GoDaddy Alternative. With my experience working in web design, I have dealt with GoDaddy on quite a few occasions. If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you were like me and had a bad experience with GoDaddy.

Thankfully, GoDaddy’s market share in the United States is declining. However, all of these people need to find another host to go to, so what is the best GoDaddy alternative?

The main two problems with GoDaddy are their speed and pricing. One host that can over deliver in both of these categories is Sunshine Tech and Media.

Interested in finding out why? Continue below and I’ll explain how Sunshine Tech and Media excels in speed and pricing.


If you’re wondering what the cause of GoDaddy’s slow speeds is, it’s a combination of the continued use of mechanical storage drives, poorly optimized Apache web server, and overloaded servers.

Altogether, this means their servers are using outdated hardware, free software with little to no optimization, and host more clients than their realistic ability.

So, where does Sunshine Tech and Media, our mentioned alternative, fit into this? Well, I’ve listed the issues with GoDaddy’s speeds and how ST&M solves it.

  • Mechanical Storage Drives – Sunshine Tech and Media uses the newest NVMe solid state drives.
  • Apache Web Server – Sunshine Tech and Media uses LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server, allowing for up to 20 times better performance in PHP load times.
  • Overloaded Servers – Sunshine Tech and Media continuously monitors its servers to ensure that resource usage is low, and uses CloudLinux to ensure that clients’ accounts have dedicated resources.


GoDaddy’s pricing is that of any ‘name brand.’ That is, too high.

For reference, GoDaddy’s cheapest shared hosting package is $5.99/month for the first billing cycle, followed by $8.99/month for the following cycles.

On the other hand, Sunshine Tech and Media’s shared hosting, which as we have covered above is overall superior, starts at $4.79/month.


Thanks for reading our article! I hope that you are able to find a reliable GoDaddy alternative.

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