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<h1>About Us</h1>
Who We Are
Sunshine Tech and Media is an affordable, high-speed alternative to mainstream hosting providers.

We at Sunshine Tech and Media LLC have been disappointed by the current state of the web hosting industry. With most hosting providers surviving by pushing the industry to unsustainably cheap levels, and quality being rapidly curbed in favor of said low prices, we hope to change this trend by providing a high-quality, efficient product for an affordable price.

Colin Smith

President of Sunshine Tech and Media LLC

Contact Information

Phone: +1 (321) 348-7136
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Sunshine Tech and Media LLC
1317 Edgewater Dr #1413
Orlando, FL 32804

What Makes Us So Great

Sunshine Tech and Media LLC is a web hosting company like no other, here is just some of what makes us so great.

Privately Owned

Privately Owned

Unlike many of the web hosting companies that dominate the market, we are not a corporation. We are a privately-owned, limited liability company.

Personal Touch

Personal Touch

We are not a faceless corporation, and we treat our customers with the dignity which they deserve. Our personable customer service is second to none.

Newest Hardware

Newest Hardware

We do not believe in cutting corners. Our platform utilizes some of the latest cloud-based hardware in conjunction with enterprise-grade software.

High-Speed Hosting Solutions Only $5.99/mo

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