How To Configure An FTP Client

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Using an FTP client is a method to upload, download, and manage files on your server.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to configure an FTP client.

1) Login to your Sunshine Tech and Media Account

2) Access cPanel

3) Once in cPanel, look Under Files and click FTP Accounts

4) Once in the FTP Accounts page, you can add an FTP account or Configure an FTP Client. Since the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to configure an FTP client, we’re going to do that.

5) Scroll down where it says Special FTP Accounts. We’re going to click Configure FTP Client for our “yousupp,” which is our main account.

After we click that, we’ll get the following Configuration Files for each program;

6) Select the program you want to use and follow the instructions linked above.

For our example website, we choose FileZilla and imported the (for Windows) FTP Configuration File on a Mac and it worked just fine. In a matter of seconds, we had access to FTP and were able to begin uploading.

Tip: CLICK HERE to download FileZilla for free

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